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What Remains is Future

July 3 to November 3 > 2024
Maison des Grenadières (42440) Cervières

with the FU Collective

Game over, LET'S PLAY!
Rules of the Game

11 players, 11 white T-shirts, 1 die,
3 word lists and a space of 33 m2.

- White T-Shirt: common denominator which serves as a starting point for each proposal.

-Drawing 3 words per person from each list:
- Action to assign a gesture.
- Denunciation to identify one of the problems of the textile industry.
- Postures to designate an action that could help reduce its consequences.

My draw:

Between Clermont-Ferrand (the FITE) and Saint Etienne (where I live) is located in Ambert in the Puy de Dôme the Richard de Bas paper mill dating from 1463.
Accompanied by Emmanuel Kerbourc'h, master stationer, I made a triptych by inserting white t-shirts into the paper pulp in different ways.
The paper pulp is composed of river water and white cotton torn and crushed by mallets driven by a bucket wheel.
From this union is reborn, like a chrysalis, a silk veil painted in Batik, recalling the shape of the t-shirt?

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