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Regional Institute for Crafts and Contemporary Creation Resource and Training Center

Temporary collective exhibition, Matières Vives, Sur le fil

IRMACC , St Etienne from September 15 to January 18, 2018

"For each of the colors, the operation is repeated successively, going from light colors to darker ones. Finally, she finishes by removing the wax by soaking in boiling water.
Over a length of several meters of stretched fabric. Hélène creates forms free of any model, close to calligraphy without ever really being one, for which she determines the background color on which they stand out. There is work on the outline, the shape taken in isolation from the whole, but also on the extent of the fabric to be covered as well.
When we look at the painted fabrics of the plastic artist, we imagine the succession of gestures. We feel the impulse that follows a collected energy. The trace, the brushstroke, the shape is often the witness of the preceding gesture. There is an imprint of the gesture in the paintings of Hélène Jospé. This imprint brings together both spontaneity and mastery. "
Sara Revil, exhibition curator

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