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Spirit of the landscape

07 octobre au 16 décembre > 2023
Au Pavillon - Bibliothèque de Fleury-la-Montagne (71)


The painted silk is as translucent and fluid as the river that flows at the foot of Hélène Jospé's workshop and its colors change, like reflections on the water, with the seasons. Hélène Jospé has an affinity with the traditional culture of Japan, where she stayed.

The four seasons of our climates are present in his painted fabrics as well as on the moving surface of the water. She adopted an age-old printing technique, practiced in West Africa, the Middle East and Asia: batik. She also practices shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique where the reserve is obtained by tying the fabric.


She speaks lovingly about fabrics, naming each one by name, and also about thread, braids,

ribbons and embroidery present in his workshop; she celebrates needlework.


She sews unusual clothes which preserve the memory of her encounters in Algeria, Morocco and Syria. At the Pavilion, she exhibits, in addition to painted fabrics, sumptuous aprons which seem intended for the giant mothers of our childhood.

>> complete text by Françoise Maillet -le-Roux

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