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Crossed Textiles Exhibition

Passementerie House, St Jean Bonnefonds 42

"Textiles Croisés" cross duo for a 4-handed work by Hélène Jospé and Yoriko Yoneyama .

Invited to exhibit at La Maison du Passementier in St Jean Bonnefonds (42) for the design biennial in St Etienne on the theme Changes in work, I wanted to contribute to international exchanges between France and Japan and invite an artist Japanese for a common work inspired by the place which is a former workshop for manufacturing specialty ribbons from the Stéphanoise region with a jacquard loom in working order.
Artist Yoriko Yoneyama from Nagoya works with water rice floss and washi paper was chosen because I use the color beeswax and silk and I find that we were complementary. We worked together for 15 days and this exhibition should go to Japan in 2018.

Crédits photos :© Philippe Hervouët

debut image textle croisés
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