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Matières d'art present  Le Collectif (FU) Fil Utile

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place de l'Olme, 63270 Vic-le-Comte

The Collectif (FU) Fil Utile was founded in 2020 in St Etienne. It is the result of an initiative by several committed figures in the textile industry, driven by the idea of promoting links between practices and by the desire to break out of the isolation of workshops, in a period stigmatised by withdrawal.

Together, they wish to develop synergies in order to create a network of men and women in the trade, with the aim of enhancing the value of a textile sector in constant metamorphosis, rich in meaning, turned towards new challenges, and sensitive to the essential choices to be made for the future.

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Matières d'art présente Le Collectif [FU]









Bruno Rosier




The Draped

The weight of the material creates the form.

A letting go ofmatter.

Robert Morris- Felt pieces 1974

For this partner project, I wanted to start with scraps of painted silk fabric from my previous work. I assembled these leftovers intended for the trash into panels.

I asked Rachel Magnard (model designer) for whom molding is a passion, to create volume with this haute-couture technique which consists of starting from a flat pattern to create a 3-dimensional volume.

We wanted to combine our two techniques without one taking precedence over the other. The silk panels were assembled to form a piece of fabric measuring 3m80 x 1m90.

Rachel developed a model based on geometric elements reminiscent of assemblies.


She looked for an arrangement to create a volume – Cut – Assembled – Sewn.


Then the piece of fabric was installed on a suspended roll, forming a drape in order to enhance the material with plays of light, colors and textures on the volumes which animate the folds, to show this piece for what it is. , both front and back, right side and wrong side, to accept the unexpected.


silk painting workshop

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