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le palais de tancrede

Matières d'art present  Le Collectif (FU) Fil Utile


22.06 au 9.07 > 2023
Chapelle de l'Île Barbe - Lyon 9

The Collectif (FU) Fil Utile was founded in 2020 in St Etienne. It is the result of an initiative by several committed figures in the textile industry, driven by the idea of promoting links between practices and by the desire to break out of the isolation of workshops, in a period stigmatised by withdrawal.

Together, they wish to develop synergies in order to create a network of men and women in the trade, with the aim of enhancing the value of a textile sector in constant metamorphosis, rich in meaning, turned towards new challenges, and sensitive to the essential choices to be made for the future.

Translated with www.


The palace of Tancrède does not reveal, even to its owner, the number of its rooms nor the extent of its treasures and the latter does not keep count; this uncertainty, this ignorance of one's own home is conducive to discovery. We go up a staircase, we open a door, and there! it is surprise, astonishment, ecstasy in front of a painting covered in dust but which speaks to the visitor after having remained silent for decades.

    Françoise opens the palace of Tancrède for us today, she only opens one door, but not the least: the portone which opens onto the piazzetta; it is up to us to climb, in silence, the stairs that go up to the upper floors, to the attic, to open the doors, to look under the golden dust and in the darkness for the beauties it conceals.

   These are the mysterious faces painted by Martine Bligny and Svetlana Arefiev whose gaze pierces our soul; those that Didus, an alchemist crossing Time, fixes on his film; it is glass, so hard and so fragile, tamed by Jonathan Ausseresse whose fusion fascinates the mage  

and his guests. The characters, modeled by Eric Chambon, emerge from

the depths of the ages where the Heroes merge with the Gods and the monks with their Savior, lead us towards an unknown future and finally, in the depths of the princely trunks, the silk capes of Hélène Jospé that Tancred will wear before the papal altar and the embroideries of Sabine Feliciano, Penelope with fairy fingers who embroiders for eternity what the Fates wanted to destroy. Delicate Odonata caressed by a wave, ephemeral tenant of the palace fountain, born from the hand of Olivia Ferrand.

        We must thank Françoise for opening to us the palatine door of her castle chapel, so welcoming and so secret. Let's go! Let's go in, we won't regret it!


Bernard Berthod

Doctor of Letters

Curator of the Museum of Religious Art of Fourvière Lyon

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