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Charlieu Hospital and Textile Museum (42)

"I have visited Syria very frequently. I saw in Liberation a photo of Bulent Kilic , a major war reporter, representing 5 Kurdish women who took refuge in Turkey to escape the abuses of the soldiers of the Islamic state in the NE of the Syria These 5 women surrounded by children "Beautiful and worthy despite the misery ... these women in distress have not abdicated their dignity to be and to appear". Gérard Lefort (Release 09/28/14).
I immediately started a series of 5 coats inspired by the black virgin of Puy en Velay (43).
In 2015 - 2016 - 2017 the war continues. Danièle Miguet chief curator of the Hospital and Textile Museum of Charlieu invited me to exhibit in this "hospital-textile" place these 13 women with wandering children.
The faces inspired by Bronzino, the portraits of Fayoum and anonymous were embroidered by Christine Peyret, textile artist.


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