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Carnet de Printemps


NoiVoi Gallery - Nagoya - Japon  •  2019- 16 -27 October  / 2019.10.16-10.20
 所在地:〒468-0062 名古屋市天白区弥生が岡107-1
• Lieu: Yubinbango468-0062 Nagoya Tempaku-ku Yayoigaoka 107-1

My travels in Japan taught me to "read" nature.

For this exhibition at the NOI-VOI gallery in Nagoya, I wanted to translate, on the transparency of the painted silk organza, the sensations felt

throughout a year in front of the landscape of the banks of the Loire located in front of my workshop in Saint Paul en Cornillon: Meditate in front of the water and its moods, the colors, the sky, the vegetation, through the 4 seasons. Twelve months.

I asked Françoise THUEL to carry out in 4 notebooks a photographic work creating links between interior and exterior.

During 4 seasons, we exchanged, built bridges, easily found collusion, similarities, echoes, sources of inspiration,” she says.

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